The Kinney Law Firm
A Professional Corporation
Securing the future for yourself and your loved ones is a weighty task. The primary goals of The Kinney Law Firm are to assist you in the preservation of your wealth, and attain the peace of mind to which we are all entitled.

The Kinney Law Firm customizes estate planning tools and strategies to your personal lifestyle, asset structure and family needs. When the Estate Plan created is consistent with the individual's values, considering the importance of avoiding taxes against competing goals, significant peace of mind can be achieved.

Contrary to popular opinion, Estate Planning is undertaken by the living and for the living in order to enhance the quality of our lives and those of our loved ones; not simply to avoid taxes legally or prevent unintended disinheritance.

For our business owner clients, we improve risk management, establish your desired control links and ensure continuity of profitable operations to a successful company sale. From selection of the best formal business organization to asset protection, disability and succession planning; we have been an integral part of closely held businesses, benefiting the founder and those she/he cares about.

Today's competitive arena requires comprehensive legal counsel with an experienced professional who will take the time necessary to understand the client and determine their goals, which can then be achieved. Because it takes time to do it right, The Kinney Law Firm prefers a client relationship based not on the time it took, but rather on the objective attained. We have found clients more willing to call us or sit down at length to share their hopes, fears or questions when there is not a billing clock running. This connection allows our professionals to do what we do best identify your needs, understand all relevant circumstances and achieve agreed goals. This is accomplished utilizing a multi-disciplinary approach in order to achieve your security and peace of mind.

We want to communicate with your other professionals, be they CPAs, Financial Planners or Insurance Professionals in order to bring these critical services into focus for you. Only in this way can we be sure the emotional as well as financial security of our clients is assured within the limited time most clients care to devote to this area of their lives.