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Why Should I Spend Precious Time Planning For My Family's Future ˇV Or Mine?
By Owen T. Kinney
Many people misunderstand the purpose of estate planning, dismissing it as a pursuit solely for the wealthy. While itˇ¦s true that the affluent have much to gain from the estate planning process, the fact remains that estate planning has something to offer just about everyone: young or old, married or single, with vast wealth or of more modest means. Here are just some of the needs that estate planning can address:

  • Estate planning serves the needs of growing families, who need to ensure that children are provided for and looked after, no matter what.
  • Estate planning helps the adult children of aging parents provide for their care without bankrupting the family.
  • Estate planning gives successful investors strategies for enhancing their wealth while they live and for passing on more to their loved ones after death.
  • Estate planning helps grandparents make a difference in the lives of the grandchildren they love, with giving strategies that provide the greatest return for all concerned.
  • Estate planning provides strategies for helping family business owners protect their livelihood and ensure the successful succession of their business to the next generation.
  • Estate planning offers techniques for protecting a familyˇ¦s assets from the potential threats of future lawsuits and creditor action.
  • Estate planning allows each individual to remain in control of his or her personal care and financial affairs whether in sickness or in health.
  • Estate planning helps families ensure that the fruits of their lifeˇ¦s work pass on to their loved ones when and how they want.
  • Estate planning empowers individuals and families to chart their own course in life, avoiding court intervention in times of medical emergencies or after death.
  • Estate planning gives families tools for reducing probate fees and estate taxes.